Friday, 22 July 2011

Following my heart

Having a 21 year old daughter is a good enough reason to work in a fabulous industry designing weddings. America joins Renaissance Grace and brings a current fashion eye to the business having left retail to join the growing business.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Spring is here!!

All this year's couples share one thing , they will all tie the knot the same year as our future King and Queen.
How fabulous to be celebrating something positive that represents all the best of Britain and following up with the Olympics our country will be in the eye of the world.

Let's all make a decision to shine on this fabulous tiny stage, let's stand up proudly and show what we do well in this country things that are unique to our culture like all our stunning historical architecture that rivals the best in the world.

BE The BEST you can be, GIVE of yourself what your life deserves, PUSH through to a brighter future which is just around the corner with the daffodils!!

CELEBRATE who you are, you're amazing just the way you are!! You're the best one for the job of being YOU!!

GOOD things are on their way just desire them and they will find you, hunt what makes your HEART SING and get on it's tail until you wrestle it into submission to become yours.

ONE LIFE , LIVE the DREAM, your dream!!